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Worry Free Contracts

We offer only month-to-month contracts – we don’t believe in locking people in. If you are paying for results and an agency doesn’t deliver, why should you be compelled to stick around?

We are here to take care of your internet marketing strategy so that you can focus on doing what you do best – working on your business – with complete peace of mind.

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Welcome to OODA SEO

Welcome. You may have found us by searching Google for the term “SEO” in one of our home cities, or maybe you came across one of our videos on YouTube. Whatever the case, you are here because you recognize the importance of the internet and local searches to getting your business discovered by more customers. However, Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing can be unfamiliar territory to many people. While they know that it is important and it is needed, they can be unsure of where to start.

Our goal is to provide a service to you which isn’t filled with technical jargon and acronyms. We want you to understand what it is we do and why it is so beneficial to your company. And ultimately, we want to deliver you real-world results.  We can help you optimize your website for mobile and other internet searches so you can outpace your competition on Google.

We will provide you with a free consultation and website analysis, and then give you an honest assessment of the changes that we could make to improve your rankings. Take a look at the list above of all the services we provide that can help you supercharge your business. Then contact us toll-free at 1-800-331-9219 to get started today!

Our Story

We take our name from the OODA Loop, a concept developed by United States Air Force Colonel  and military strategist John Boyd.

If we don’t communicate with the outside world – to gain information for knowledge and understanding – we die out to become a non-discerning and uninteresting part of that world. –John Boyd

Boyd presented the OODA Loop as a way to move through change, uncertainty and ambiguity. An acronym for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act, it outlines a strategy where an alert and flexible mindset – focused on achieving identified goals – becomes our firm ground from which to respond to a shifting world. Well suited to mid-process corrections for ongoing success, we find it a useful method with which to approach any challenge, and a great philosophy for life.

If you would like to learn more about the OODA Loop, this inspiring and informative article would be a great place to start: The Tao of Boyd.

Our Process


We take a look at your current and evolving situation. How are you ranking for keywords specific to your product, business or service? How many links, citations, social profiles and videos do you have?


We then take a look at how you compare to your higher ranking competitors. How do your metrics stack up against theirs? What actions can we take to meet and then beat those metrics?


Once we have a clear idea of our target metrics, we agree on an SEO plan with you, prioritizing which actions to take first, and where to put most our focused attention.


With decisions made and agreed, we then act – keeping in mind that this is an ongoing and evolving process. Therefore each action is actually a test. We review the results, and begin the Loop again.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves. Here are just a few of many top rankings we have achieved. We can do the same for your business!

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Integrate Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing channels to improve your sales and profits, and use a solid presence online to further enhance your reputation.